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Taylor's Party Dilemma

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Sold By: Messy Adventures in Friendship

 Your children will enjoy the first digital eBook in the Messy Adventures in Friendship series designed to teach lessons about friendship .  Join Taylor, Amanda, Janie and Mary as they learn how to keep and make new friends.   

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It's that time of year again! Taylor and her BFF's Janie and Amanda are getting ready for Mary’s Epic Birthday Bash. After a major fight with Mary, Taylor declares all-out war. There is no way she is going to her party! Once Taylor finally decides to go to the party, she discovers something surprising about Mary that makes her think differently about her. She must choose whether to get the revenge on Mary she thinks she deserves or help her with her problem. Will Taylor decide to put aside her differences with Mary and help her with her party dilemma or will a side of revenge be served with Mary's birthday cake? 

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